Build your own

Cannabis Experience

vape and app

Only 500 spots available

Be one of the first to try a new way of cannabis!


Actively choose your desired state of mind


Know what to expect  from your cannabis


Refined based on your needs and goals

​Feel the way you want, every single time

We learn how cannabis affects you to give you a personalized experience fitted perfectly for you and your goals.

Receive your welcome kit

Alongside our warmest welcoming wishes, the kit contains your new vaping device, a number of formulated cartridges, and one super amazing Cannabis Success Guide.


Tell us about yourself

Answer some simple questions to introduce yourself to our team as we work on pulling together your new and exciting experiences.


Choose your experiences

Congratulations! You're now ready to start your new relationship with cannabis, learn about its possibilities and be marveled by its shear power.



The Answers You Need

Your welcome kit, as well as the first 3 months of cartridge supplies, are offered free of charge for 500 approved early bird applicants! We will ask you to contribute and help shape the future of intelligent cannabis by trying different formulas and answering some questions to rate your satisfaction levels. You will also be asked to stay in touch with one of our friendly cannabis coaches to monitor how your cannabis goals are being met.

How much does the service cost?


With CaaS, you're in an all inclusive, personalized cannabis arena. Experiences are analyzed and adjusted based on your needs, scheduled cartridge refills are  supplied as required, and your cannabis is served to you rather that keeping you on your toes for unexpected trips. 

What is Cannabis as a Service (CaaS)?

We are a consumer oriented company and the formulated cartridges you receive are based on feedback from likeminded individuals, such as yourself, who are seeking empowerments in every part of their lives. Customization is what we do and we rely on hearing from you and bettering your formulations for your specific needs. Our team of cannabis and terpenes experts are always ready to take your input to the lab and produce the affect you need. 

How is this different from my vape-pen?

We empower people with the freedom to optimize their desired state of mind. Our goal is to provide each individual with precise experiences to maximize their abilities and improve their everyday lives. 

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