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3 Steps to Sleeping Better with a Functional Dose of Cannabis

Or, How to Go Gently into That Good Night

Lezel: 3 Steps to Sleeping Better with a Functional Dose of Cannabis

For many healthy folks, sleep could be a rather painful ordeal every single night. Sometimes sleep becomes insufficient by waking up too early in the morning, not being able to fall asleep for hours, or waking up during the sleep cycle. In such cases, a functional dose of cannabis can help mitigate symptoms and, in many instances, address the underlying condition. A CDC study reports 70% of adults getting insufficient sleep at least once during the preceding 30 days, while 11% reported inadequate sleep every night during the same period.

Choose the Right Cannabis

Many cannabis brands market their products as “sleep”. Still, those products may take several attempts to take full effect because each individual reacts differently to each formulation. Although this is currently the case, many brands labeled “sleep” are still likely to help, and it’s important not to compromise on sleep. Locating the right formula may take some time and effort, but with functional dosing, the formula finds you.

Lezel: 3 Steps to Sleeping Better with a Functional Dose of Cannabis

Get in the Right Mindset

Shifting attention is one of the things cannabis does best, so if stress is your cause for sleep difficulties, cannabis is most likely an immediate relief. With that said, it only makes sense to take some steps before your pre-sleep cannabis routine, such as meditation, a tried and tested way of introducing calm which is a practice of shifting attention and will move you closer to the zone you need for a good and healthy night's sleep.

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The Setting

Creating the proper environment for sleep is essential to sleep and the effects of cannabis itself. Every atmosphere has its unique interactivity style with cannabis. Because cannabis is a psychoactive substance, it draws inspiration from the environment surrounding the person who consumes it. Healthy and positive bedroom settings may as well elevate sleep quality directly. Avoiding blue lights is a good start, but a general sense of comfort is highly influential in your sleep quality.

Sweet dreams!


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