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Cannabis, the Smart Way - Refine Your Experiences by Noticing the Influencers

Lezel Smart consumption

Get the Most Out of Cannabis, Get the Results You Want

You're right to feel you could get more out of your cannabis. Getting the exact effect right at the moment you need it is a very complex undertaking, but paying attention to different variables of your cannabis will get you much closer and more accurate (most of the time) to the state of mind you intend to have. With simple mindfulness practices, you could come far closer to achieving this accuracy - the holy grail of the cannabis community.

Notice the Temperature

Vaping devices generally produce lower temperatures than a burning joint, and although some vaporizers have adjustable temperature settings, most devices produce less heat than live fire. The important thing to know is that different temperatures release different cannabinoids and terpenes into the vapor, allowing for more diverse outcomes from each oil ` or flower. Cannabinoids and terpenes work together to create influences. Even with the same materials inside the vape, different temperatures will evaporate cannabinoids and terpenes at different rates and produce different, sometimes vastly different, experiences.

Notice the Formula

It is also vital to understand the cannabis material itself. Based on the other factors, it could have a consistent or inconsistent effect on your mind and body. Noticing these variables and the unique interplay they have with each other will allow you to achieve the desired result without necessarily becoming too high or developing a tolerance.

Lezel Smart consumption

Notice Yourself

You are the most significant variable, and your plant is in distant second place. Noticing your internal environment, when you ate last, how many hours you slept, your mood before and after cannabis, how you usually feel, and other similar functions of yourself is an essential practice for smarting up your cannabis relationship. Knowing yourself is intricate and perhaps the most crucial aspect when attempting to fine-tune a state of mind.

Notice Your Environment

In the early days of psychedelic research, the "environment" or “setting” was established as an essential determinant along with the person’s self. Your environment has a significant effect on your mind and thus contributes to the impact and efficacy that cannabis will have. For the precise effect, it’s essential that you factor in your environment, including but not limited to the people around which you’re consuming your cannabis.


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