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Feeling Unmotivated? A Functional Dose of Cannabis Can Activate Your Drive

A Good Dose of Motivation is Never Unwelcome

Contrary to popular belief about Cannabis ceasing motivation, a study from the University of Colorado Boulder found that about 50% reported a motivating effect when consuming cannabis before physical training. This finding is still very new and preliminary, but it sheds light on just how misunderstood some facets of cannabis are today.

Researching topics of this nature carries obvious complications due to the mechanisms of motivation induction, which are too difficult to quantify and track outside of a self-reporting system. A 2018 study concluded that the effects of cannabis on motivation are not yet determined; despite this, the study also claims that two major studies did find a negative correlation between cannabis and motivation.

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Shifting Perspective and Attention

When feeling on the negative side, a person can now take a low dose of [the correct] cannabis to restore equilibrium to their endocannabinoid system and activate the reward centers in their brain. Such activation is strongly associated with motivation because our bodies and brains are wired to maintain an utter state of balance in our system. Whenever a feeling seems to drive balance to an ultra-acute state, the correct dose of cannabinoids and terpenes holds the means to restore proper balance in a quick fashion.

A shift in perspective is crucial for motivating the unmotivated self, for the all-so-common mental loops and recurring thoughts often involve us being unmotivated and feeling down. When used in moderation, there is less potential for adverse effects on motivation and less likelihood of building up a tolerance.

Attention is also essential to motivation. Focusing attention on the task makes it go a lot better and easier. Focus also induces a state of taming out-of-focus elements, reducing distractions, background thoughts, and noises to a minimum.

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Activating the Internal Reward System

THC is structurally similar to the body’s naturally occurring cannabinoid anandamide, which generates a sense of joy and happiness when released into the system. To maneuver a brain into the elusive higher motivation, it is possible that a dose of high THC oil, with the correct terpenes, will give the brain a direct and immediate sense of reward after completing a task. The heightened sense of reward generated by cannabis can create positive brain reinforcement, soar motivation and help achieve desired goals.


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