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Three ways functional dosing of cannabis can help with learning

Cannabis has three main advantages as a tool for learning.

Most experts consider cannabis & learning an unlikely duo, and we must say, judging by the manner in which most cannabis is being consumed today, those experts have a point.

However, these experts are missing to realize how the greater attitude toward cannabis use is steadily changing. This maturating shift is finally taking place only after long decades of criminalization. Only now are we beginning to learn the secrets of cannabis.

Realizing the usefulness, here are three popular functions that arose in the functional dosing community:

Focus better

If done right, specific oil formulations create better focus and concentration. This effect doesn’t happen to everyone and not with every cannabis formulation, but functional dosing can very well achieve the adjustment you need for increased information intake.

Pique the interest

Whether a person desires to learn and internalize the subject at hand or not, cannabis can help create interest by shining a different light on what's being presented. This effect is better known for bringing a person listening to familiar music to feel like they are hearing this song for the first time. Imagine this enthusiasm with your peers!

Fail better

The most significant advantage is the attitude towards frustration and failure. This can become a substantial roadblock in every aspect of life. Cannabis significantly influences the endocannabinoid system and regulates the body's internal environment, which is fundamental to balancing stress responses. A stressed person who constantly expects to fail, in turn, creates an immediate stress response that is bound to affect their actions negatively. Cannabis can help regulate this stress response and make it lighter, easier, and more feasible for the person to break the stress cycle and ultimately give them the ability to navigate stressful situations at healthier levels.

Functional dosing is already a work in progress, and many complex elements remain down the line. Some burning questions are: what compounds to take for each particular function, how much of it to consume, which physical profiles are better paired with which formulas, and what results are to be expected with different external settings. As technology gets acquainted with the endocannabinoid system, these are among the first topics to be addressed to yield effective and personalized formulas that increase performance and enhance the quality of many areas in life. Tech and cannabis make the perfect team not just to make life more convenient but, more importantly, more productive and healthier. More functional.


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