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How functional dosing of cannabis can help you stay on task, stay focused and reduce stress


Cannabis for reaching your goals

Do you keep losing focus even with tasks you're good at? What’s one empowerment method that will help you be more consistent in staying on task?

It doesn't come as a big surprise; functional dosing of cannabis could very well be the answer, but first, some introductions.

Your brain thinks it's being chased by a tiger more than you know.

ECS, or the endocannabinoid system - a natural aspect of our body, helps maintain homeostasis, the state of relatively stable internal, physical, and chemical conditions within us. As a primary function, in strictly technical terms, any deviation from homeostasis counts as "stress." When the balance is interrupted, our brain sends signals throughout the body and nervous system, ordering it to a higher vigilant state. Compared to our predecessors living in the wilderness, many of our emergencies are far from life-threatening. However, being a product of evolution, some triggers sent by our brains might still feel as threatening as the danger of a tiger chasing us.

Stress is constant and subtle.

Further than that, in modern-day scenarios, we don't always deal with stress by triggering a fight-or-flight response, and instead, we brush it off as unimportant or low level. These mild "stress" situations accumulate over time and cause significant harm to our total well-being. The constant low-intensity worries and long-term stress of modern living may result in unneeded hypervigilance and, even more importantly, improper shut-down of critical systems altogether.

The cannabinoids found in cannabis are very much like the naturally occurring cannabinoids within our body and so, in theory, can help move the person out of a state of stress and back into the usual "operating parameters" of the body (regular homeostasis).

What cannabis currently is, and what it can be

Cannabis today, in better cases, is capable of performing useful and handy tasks. Think of all the different uses: some use it for energy, while others for sleeping, from creative thinking to pain management, from quiet introspection to socializing and partying.

Unfortunately, in most cases, cannabis tends to be more like a faulty smartphone, with apps randomly popping up and shutting down, as such, cannabis' effects are almost never reliable or precise. Besides for word of mouth, most consumers rely on promises made by the till manager at their dispensary.

Fact reminder: most individuals (even the really cool-looking ones 😆) lack the knowledge and experience to provide accurate doses of the correct cannabis compounds required to satisfy a specific need. Indica and Sativa are widely believed to be as specific as possible to get "the high you want"

What if cannabis isn't just about a "high"? What about the things it can do for you in every part of your day? What about the increased functionality it can contribute to your life and overall wellbeing?

The typical attitude towards cannabis must change drastically for the better, realizing cannabis as a smartly fitted tool for targeted functional purposes - a delicate surgical tool meant to achieve a specific task.

Compartmentalize with cannabis and stay on task

Consider a typical work-life example: after a long and stressful day, we want to stop fretting, put that part of ourselves on pause, and be truly present with ourselves and our loved ones. Although we are no longer at work, our minds keep churning and thinking about all the things which happened that day or could go wrong tomorrow.

The overlap in focus from one area in life to another is a common cause of restlessness and ineffectiveness in a personal and professional capacity.

Why is it so hard to separate relevant areas of focus?

During work, our brain activates its stress response to handle the action of work, and now, after the day has concluded, our homeostasis still lags and feels that we are still in danger while, in reality, it's now ok to relax until the next work day begins.

How Functional Dosing Works and How it Helps

Functional dosing focuses on bringing a precise amount of the right cannabinoids to restore system balance. This is perhaps not the only way. Mind-over-matter methods are available to whoever is willing to battle it out; it is entirely possible to turn to hard focus and forcefully block out all thoughts and energy that caused our homeostasis disruption, but let's face it, after being unbalanced, we usually end up spiraling into more imbalanced events rather than hammering our way out of stress. Breaking such loops can take substantial effort and can be very taxing on our limited attention and emotional resources.

Plant-derived cannabinoids are proving to be highly effective at quickly and efficiently breaking these loops.


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