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How Custom Cannabis Got Started - Cannabis and Pain

Using cannabis to manage pain is a realm of its own

Other than recreationally, many people usually get acquainted with cannabis during unfortunate circumstances. Such instances typically involve a condition with pain to manage, which narrows the plant's use to a very distinct practical objective.

The person might not have wanted anything to do with cannabis in the first place, but after exhausting most other medications, the case for cannabis becomes strong.

To reduce the pain, people often microdose on specific strains, taking small puffs throughout the day to balance the pain and the high to a manageable level.

The reason why pure CBD is huge in 2022, and its limits

For the singular purpose of managing pain, pure CBD has become a category in itself, as it does not produce any psychoactive effects and can be introduced into the body in many ways, including inhaling, topical application, and oil-in-water spray. Even on its own, CBD has proven to reduce anxiety and produce a pleasant sensation in the body.

On the other hand, pure CBD is an example of the relatively crude way people currently think of cannabis. There is inadequate dosage control, and the pure cannabinoid on its own might lack the prime benefits which the other cannabinoids and terpenes bring with them.

To add sophistication and fill this gap, many wide-spectrum and full-spectrum CBD products exist and fill this giant part of the cannabis market.

Created for the health and wellness category, CBD is legal in more jurisdictions than THC, the primary psychoactive ingredient in cannabis.

Surprisingly, despite all these options, too many people still don't find their solution and continue to struggle with pain. For this reason, more psychoactive strains are offered to utilize the literal brainstorms created by the high to block or override specific pain signals.

Beyond Pain

As in the pain management field, which created a massive market behind it, recreational cannabis experiences are being refined to satisfy people's individual needs. The story of how cannabis products developed to manage pain could tell us the story of where cannabis is headed: custom experiences. There are so many uses of this fantastic plat, but to you uniquely, the most important use is probably very different from anyone else. There could be a composition of terpenes and cannabinoids to get there, it's going to require a lot of work, but this is where we're going.


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