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Functional Dosing: Cannabis Personas and What Makes Them Tick

Cannabis consumers are a varied group, individually motivated by their backgrounds and preferences, and bringing diversity and color to the cannabis community. Functional dosing caters to each and every one for their distinct goals.

With a vast spectrum of intentions around cannabis, let's describe some of the typical cannabis personas and attempt to answer some essential questions: what is their primary calling to the plant? How does it truly benefit them? How can we multiply benefits and mitigate costs with functional dosing? Functional dosing is the calculated dose and formula perfectly fitted for the desired goal.

Careerist - the tech-gal/bro

This persona is the usual suspect when cannabis meets professionals. Besides being an aid to focusing better at work, cannabis can function as the transition ceremony between work and home life; it allows careerists to unwind after a day of hard work. However, there is a side issue: increasing tolerance, which might curb the effective balance they have achieved.

Stoner - the overdoser

This individual figured out that cannabis is far cheaper and easier than a shrink. After becoming overly tolerant to weed, this individual is more likely to move to dangerous and addictive drugs. With functional dosing, alongside a hefty dose of self-knowledge, this person could develop a healthy relationship with the correct, personalized cannabis formula and dose.

Social Smoker - the casual

At gatherings or while nurturing interpersonal relationships, the most discernable cannabis need for this persona is smoother social interactions. For this persona, the reasons for consuming cannabis stretch from social influence (such as all peers being cannabis consumers) to personal empowerment & relaxation needs such as self-love, confidence, and self-image. Functional dosing doubles down on pinpointing the precise application for which each particular session is intended and frees the individual to be the very best at every one of their scenarios.

Wellness - the strictly CBD

Note that many CBD oils actually do contain some THC in them for the entourage effect, which comes to debunk this title in its strict form. nevertheless, this character has the most awareness and introspection into why they’re using cannabis. Result: a healthier relationship with cannabis simply by measuring their doses and choosing the ingredients and formulas of their cannabis. This persona is not as interested in intoxication or other psychedelic effects. Sometimes, their cannabis can bring precisely what the intention called for, while other times, it could introduce them to a new world of experiences that boost their health and wellness.


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