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Functional Dosing: Cannabis for Better Dating - Happily Ever After

The ideal date, with the right dose

Finding the perfect match is neither simple nor easy, but once you've met the perfect person, the correct cannabis dose can take things a mile further on such a special occasion.

Of course, no self-respecting being wants to show up intoxicated to a date, and yes, this precisely is a fundamental principle of functional dosing. Functional dosing was invented with the concrete belief that not every benefit of cannabis is located high up in the sky. Catch my drift? Getting high is not a mandatory side effect in order to enjoy the magical blessings of cannabis.

Here are some ways in which a 'cannabis dating dose' could enhance your experience:

Get to know the person in front of you

Your attention could be wholly dedicated to your date because cannabis has shifted your attention toward the external environment. In this case, your date, you can make full use of that newfound attention to get into deeper conversation. Now, it's much more natural to genuinely listen, consider, respond, and truly engage meaningfully with your date.

How refreshing!

Get the edge off and relax

Cannabis can help you relax that pre-date nerve and return you to the natural you. To become calmer, some meditation alongside a functional dose of cannabis may very well be the brew you're in need of. Relaxing is one of the primary uses of cannabis, and relaxing before a date is the pinnacle of relaxation needs.

Help them get to know you

Who can be more 'you' than you?

Yourself on a functional dose.

More confidence in how you present and conduct yourself during a date allows your company to perceive you in your most authentic form. This honesty then translates into reciprocated openness from the other side, which is always so very much appreciated. Even in casual encounters, a functional dose could be perfect to own the energy you are radiating.

A conversation maker

Finally, we find functional dosing to be a fascinating topic. This cutting-edge, new approach to using cannabis is always a good starter for conversations on subjects encompassing people, behavior, productivity, technology, science, lawmaking, history, personality and much more... besides, there is no reason why the conversation should run dry when the right dose is involved in the mix.


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