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Connecting to your feelings matters more … for cannabis perfection

Keeping track of your mood helps improve your mental health

Did you know that there is an entire center for studying emotional intelligence where they explore ways to improve people's emotional well-being? Those great scientists at the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence came up with a way to measure different moods people have and log mood changes over time. This way, a person can get insights into their emotional patterns by measuring the trajectory of change between different periods.

In aggregate, these logs can be used to analyze mood factors at play and advise on proper courses of action. This custom app, designed by Yale, gives users detailed information and statistics about their daily emotional movements and trends while generating insights.

The mood meter is used in school programs as a tool that helps teach children to communicate their feelings with parents, teachers, or counselors where there might be a lack of vocabulary or maturity to express emotions in a more detailed way.

The mood meter brings about a significant degree of self-awareness in the face of everything that goes on in life and serves as a significant example of how we can leverage science to create a more mindful and conscious cannabis experience.

How the mood meter works

Remember back in high school? This comes in the familiar x-y axis format, y ↕ being how energetic you are while x ↔ being how positively you feel. In this system, the feeling of ecstasy will be ranked (10,10), with the opposite being (1,1), despair.

Self-honesty is essential when using a mood meter, and one should try their best to reflect the actual state of how they feel in terms of energy and positivity compared to their overall spectrum range.

In psychedelic experiences and emotional journeys in general, we usually refer to “Set and Setting.” This includes your external circumstances (“setting”) and your internal situation (“set”) that can help you create the best possible experience for yourself.

Merely thinking about how you feel can change your “set” thus influencing how cannabis affects you. This fact alone explains much about the cryptic ways in which cannabis experiences are formed.

Cannabis and the mood meter

Cannabis effects depend on many factors, including psychological, latest wake-up condition and time, genetics, social and physical environment, personal disposition at the time of consumption, and the substance itself.

Considering all those factors, one can end up with sharper cannabis results when mindfully crafting the experience layer by layer.

Unmindful cannabis (unfortunately the norm today) can affect the mood in various ways; it could lead to a more inward-focused contemplative mood and, on the other hand, a more outgoing, social spirit. The exact influence of cannabis on moods, emotions, or feelings is not yet well understood despite the amount of cannabis research. For example, one article reads “Cannabis use can both increase and reduce anxiety in humans. The neurophysiological substrates of these effects are unknown.” Another paper adds “Cannabis appeared to affect mood and subjective experience, with minimal impact on cognitive performance.” It appears that no major studies have been conducted on the influence of cannabis on the moods themselves.

Lezel incorporates the mood meter as the perfect aid to gradually calibrate tailor-made cannabis experiences, which leads to custom formulations that bring people to their desired moods precisely as they wish. We also employ complicated analytical techniques to ensure the best formulation and combinations are used appropriately.

Working together, the mood meters alongside Lezel formulations make it possible to take aim at functions towards which your cannabis should be geared.

People of the world, custom cannabis is a real thing! It's here! Get ready!


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