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Cannabis & Moms: 3 Areas Where Functional Dosing Can Help You Be a Champion Mother


Marijuana and motherhood? Oxymoron?

Not at all!

Easing the stress of day-to-day nurturing, caregiving, and worrying, will help you become a happier and more easygoing version of yourself. For cannabis, motherhood is a case where only calculated dosing can be of assistance since avoiding intoxication (aka the high) is of the essence; no mother should risk impaired cognitive function while on duty in this priceless and delicate role.

Mothers, here is what cannabis can do for you:

Shifting Attention

With calibrated cannabis, a functional dose can help you navigate better your to-do list, stay calm when things get overwhelming, and generally help you be more relaxed during mundane and high-stress everyday activities with kids. This sounds like the behavior of a very focused person, no?

In the chaos of motherhood, a functional dose can shift your attention and help you focus your energy where you need it at the moment. Cannabis can also help you unfocus from other difficulties to get into the headspace to attend to your children patiently and assist them with homework or preparing a meal together.


Relieve Stress

Managing a household while getting some sleep might sound like a synonym for utopia, but it is more feasible than you may think. Sometimes you strive to find the balance between getting things done, connecting with the kids, and making time for yourself. Imagine doing the same things you do right now, minus the stressful feelings. Once again, a well-calibrated functional dose of cannabis can make that possible. Cannabis can also help relax and slow down enough to patiently and positively connect and communicate with the kids before bedtime.

When you feel good, your children feel it.

Playtime - Fun for Everyone

Playtime with the kids is not always what you feel like doing. Connecting with your inner child can help you create a better connection during playtime to be more attuned to the child’s emotional world. Playtime could become more enjoyable this way, and the conversations deeper. Cannabis functional dosing has so much to offer the mother who wants a stress-free, bonding, full-of-love, full-of-smiles aura.

Glory to motherhood!

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