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Cannabis Experiences Are Becoming Less Random - The Promises it Holds


Here Are Some Ways We are Making it Happen


Tools for a New Age - Functional Dosing

For years, in and around the cannabis industry, we've heard whispers about a particularly exciting concept: a personalized, controlled dosing system for practical use to enhance day-to-day life. In other words - function-oriented cannabis. It is rather difficult to fathom why cannabis is still consumed in this primitive, stone-age fashion.

To put things in perspective: psychedelic mushrooms have surpassed cannabis in this regard, with micro-dosers at all levels of many respected tech companies, big and small.

Functional dosing is about learning yourself.

Cannabis is much like a TV, with its contents not individually directed at you but a wide swath of a demographic. Cannabis has many different “channels” and many different chemical compounds working together to get an effect. The vastness generates a seeming element of randomness in most experiences. This minimizes the role of cannabis as a functional tool requiring strong reliability to achieve a particular task.

The Future is coming.

However, there are some bright spots. The cannabis industry outside the US has caught on to the idea that cannabis could become more accurate. Different innovations are occurring in the field of cannabis oil-in-water solutions (microemulsions) and more delivery systems such as oral spray and liquids (drink additive) which allow for better dosage control. This is key to the functional dosing approach, as it will enable the individual to utilize cannabis accurately and then measure its effect on them accordingly.

Patients were there First.

As usual, it seems to be the case here as well; medical usage leads the way for trendsetting in recreational use. With no intention of getting high, medical marijuana consumers prefer a functional dose, which achieves certain ends, such as pain management, to push the pain signals out of the brain and replace those signals with the ones generated by cannabis. Such results are often accomplished by the method of microdosing. Thus the dosing property has captured the stage for functional cannabis.

Different Tools are for Different Goals; Specificity

A central insight at Lezel's is that cannabis could and should be used with precision for each session, similar to a surgical tool, with versatility, and to the degree that only our imagination limits us.

Utilization for functional dosing is versatile and vast, yet it is the micro-functions that make macro-size differences. As an illustration, not all cannabis "work sessions" are created equal; some manual laborers require from their cannabis a certain kind of focus together with some muscle loosening at the same time, which could very well be achieved by functional dosing of a particular combination of cannabinoids and terpenes, however, such combinations heavily rely on the conscious attention of a person to their needs.

The content of every formulation is like an array of different tools for different purposes, and the person's conscious attention is like the skill required to operate that tool.



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