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Cannabis at Work - Your Boss May Someday Require You to Take a Puff

The Potential of Functional Dosing is Hidden

Cannabis and work performance are often seen as opposites even though we all know someone that completely swears by the benefits pot has to offer for concentration, creativity, and even, believe it or not, motivation. Well, perhaps because the precise dose that works for them might have the reverse effect on you, so, for all intended purposes, their dose truly is the opposite of work performance for you. What if we found your precise dose?

Cannabis and its different forms

Science has already registered 500 observed cannabinoids and much more in terms of terpenes. Both cannabinoids and terpenes work together to create the entourage effect, and different ratios of cannabinoids and terpenes within a particular compound produce vastly different results. After adding the vast amount of neurological, psychological, and physical divergence between humans, all hopes of functional dosing seem incredibly distant.

The two S’s

In addition to the infinite possible scenarios above, the all-important Set and Setting cast their influence on the overall effect. Set and Setting are the total internal environment of a person, physical and emotional state, alongside their external environment.

Unmeasured Cannabis Prevents Performance Enhancement

Dosage is the most controllable aspect when setting out to achieve true functional dosing, a state in which cannabis facilitates reaching the specific function an individual has in mind, aka wellness. Imagine a function that requires relaxation and focus; how do we balance the two? Too much ease reduces productivity, while too much focus potentially hampers multitasking abilities. In such cases, balance is critical, and balance lies in mindfulness and precise dosing.

How you can start now

At work, functional dosing starts from the fundamental aspect: volume control, starting with the smallest dose with minimal effect. If this doesn't have a marked influence on work performance over time, gradually increase the dosage and repeat a similar process. When switching strains, we recommend starting the process again from a small dose because every strain potentially has a different composition of cannabinoids and terpenes, thus having varied effects.

It’s also important to have moderate consumption, so there are no marked changes to the tolerance and your body’s endocannabinoid system. Change to this system can hurt your chances of reproducible results with cannabis use.

Note that the market today is, on the one hand, very much attuned to high-THC for maximal intoxication while, on the other hand, a more calm, healthy, and wellness-focused CBD. This bifurcation disrupts functionality when consuming cannabis because functional dosing relies on the entourage effect to reach its maximum potential.

You could achieve a reasonable degree of functional dosing with methods like these. Remember that many of the keys are in your hands and that with the proper mindfulness, environment, materials, and dosage, you have the power to achieve substantial control over your moods and overall feelings. Lezel is here to improve these odds using AI, custom formulations, and a robust mood tracking app.


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