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Cannabis and Socializing: 4 ways functional dosing can help you in your friend group

Have Fun with Your Friends More Reliably

Ever felt bored within your group of friends when everyone else is clearly having fun?

Ever had a sense of being overwhelmed by a social situation?

Ever bared the feeling that you don't quite belong?

Cannabis with friends is almost always fun; everybody unwinds and laughs together. If you like playing games, the game becomes more engaging. If you like talking, the conversations usually become deeper, more profound, and more fun. Even in jurisdictions where cannabis is legal, the first time trying cannabis is usually together with friends (and undercover - the social aspect of cannabis is still pre-heyday)


Share Emotions

If you're feeling a blockage, the proper cannabis formula can alleviate that hardship while keeping undesired side effects to a minimum. Cannabis strengthens connections by enabling you to open up about emotions that are usually difficult to share and are kept hidden or out of sight.

Shift Attention

After a long day at work, your mind is sometimes still overloaded with today's thoughts, and you want to unwind for a good time with your dear ones. A functional dose of cannabis has the potential to shift your attention so you can focus on your friends instead of everything you want to leave behind at work. This change in attention will help you maintain a good vibe with your friends by directing your attention totally to them instead of zoning out and being unavailable.


Keeping Calm

Keeping calm has a significant effect on time spent with friends. Keeping calm could defuse unpleasant situations in the group, project calmness towards others in the group, and make them more peaceful. Most importantly, this will enhance your own experience of your social environment.

Reduce Impulsivity

Impulsivity is seldom good when dealing with people, particularly when around close friends or people of importance in your life. If you're feeling impulsive at times, a functional dose of cannabis can help reduce this unwanted feeling.

Functional dosing creates a positive sense of self, and there are always more good vibes to add to the setting with others around you. Cannabis, in general, needs calibration; at which temperature, how much, which formulation, and constant tracking of what you're feeling before, during, and after your cannabis session. These are key to functional dosing and creating better social life experiences.


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