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Sharon Sheinberg

15 years marketing experience with an expertise in establishing new and innovative companies & taking them to the launchpad. 100+ startups have made it from developmental phase to competitive growth under his guidance.

Customer Success Manager

Alice Shani Lankri

Customer Success Manager for mobile B2C startups - over 15 years experience guiding customers to successful and happy interactions with mobile apps. 5 years as an Integration Coach helping clients transform their lifestyle using various embodiment tools. Creating mindfulness journeys through the combination of music and meditation.

Attorney at Law

Lev Miller

21 years as a practicing attorney, licensed in the United States and Israel. Advises and represents hi-tech companies, combining a multi-disciplinary approach of legal and business counsel & strategy. Extensive businesses experience in tech industries. Serves as counsel for numerous companies’ corporate, commercial, investment and finance transactions.


Mark Suleman

​Accomplished executive with wideranging experience leading finance, strategy, and analytics. Success in improving bottom line and identifying business opportunities. History of excellence in interpersonal communication, relationship development, and establishing rapport.

Board Advisor

Ron Gross

15 years in various technical and leadership roles, in the IDF, Google as well as others, led the world's first ICO, advising in early stage startups, working with top executives at multimillion-dollar companies in the cannabis industry.

Board Advisor

Mark Zegal

Former CBOE member, co-founder of Brainstorm Cell Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ: BCLI), Pluristem Therapeutics Inc. Today a leading investor in multiple successful companies.

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