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Welcome to our pre-launch program!
We’re so happy you’re joining us.

For the next three months, we’ll provide you with personalized cannabis formulations and keep track of your cannabis usage via our mobile app. Please check your email for login instructions. 

You’ve just received your first cannabis vapes


We’re glad to be guiding you toward the perfect dosage via our app. It’s essential that you report your sessions as consistently as possible so your intentions, set, setting, and requirements can be captured and understood by our systems.

During the first week, we recommend trying each of the flavors separately so that you get a better understanding of the different effects. After a week, feel free to mix and combine puffs from multiple vapes for different effects.

Please remember to take - SHORT PUFFS - nice and easy ;) Try taking it slow while exploring the subtle yet powerful effects on your body and mind.

Thank you for your participation - we hope you'll have pleasant experiences so that you might create a beneficial relationship with cannabis!

Please note that it may take 2-4 weeks to fully understand how to take advantage of the formulations and the app in the most beneficial way.

We’re available to answer any questions, and I'm here to listen to anything you want to share. If you’d like to invite your friends, please tell them to head to

May we have an incredible journey

We’re always very pleased to be of assistance
Please email us any time at

Thanks again,

Alice Sitar, Wellness Team Manager

and the rest of the team at Lezel

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