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We empower informed decisions and mindful consumption through data-driven insights while collaborating with producers to create products that positively impact holistic health.

Who we are

Lezel is an AI tech company dedicated to enhancing well-being through intelligent vaping. We create products and services that enable better, data-driven consumption of goods.
AI's potential to transform lives extends beyond chatbots and numbers; it is a key to optimizing our well-being - providing individually optimized lifestyle tools.

Our Vision

Lezel envisions a world where consumption betters society. AI serves as a guide, revealing the link between consumed goods and vitality. We empower conscious consumption through actionable data, enhancing cognitive, emotional, and physical states. Partnering with producers, we shift product creation toward holistic nourishment, fostering global wellbeing.

How We Help

Besides our physical health, for which we are relatively accustomed to monitoring and caring when introducing consumed goods into our body, every product we consume also affects our emotional and conscious wellbeing in various ways, both obvious and subtle. These effects can also be short-lived or long-lasting. Understanding how each ingredient in a product contributes to these effects is even further complicated by how people individually react in different physical and emotional situations to each compound contained in each ingredient.

To translate: it’s each compound within each combination for every person in every given scenario that the effects appear to bring about different results. Even with access to information about what to consume for optimal wellness, customizing products—like choosing specific ingredients, flavors, amounts, and other factors—can be technically challenging for most consumers.


Lezel is here to help people understand how to improve their overall wellbeing and give them the tools to control what they consume mindfully. Consumers who are engaging and utilizing our proprietary AI intelligent systems will have the tools and knowledge to make better choices to consume, feel and be better every day.

lezel vape black

Intelligent Inhaling Device 

Products & Services

At the heart of our operations lie the seeds of transformation: our first products. These select products set us on a path to empower individuals with informed decisions for their overall wellness, with these initial offerings being just the tip of the iceberg in our expansive journey of innovation. As we delve deeper into our journey of enhancing well-being through AI-driven insights, these foundational innovations will pave the way for countless other products that empower individuals to make better decisions for their holistic health. 

Data Connectivity and AI Integration

The device facilitates data transmission, reception and collection through various connectivity methods. This data interaction links to our proprietary AI smart systems, guiding users in formulating data-driven, optimal combinations to attain their desired effects.

Compatibility and Quality Assurance

The device is compatible with third-party cartridges that have been meticulously lab-analyzed and approved by Lezel. This ensures quality levels are up to Lezel's standards, products & effects consistency throughout time and user satisfaction.

Precise Dispensing and Combination

The device accurately dispenses and combines the contents of inserted cartridges, allowing users to control overall dosages and combinations of elements within the formula they consume to achieve their desired effects.

Cartridge Identification

The device can identify the cartridge type and relay the contents to the operating system (OS) through a unique cartridge ID. This is to assist the operating system and our proprietary AI smart system in generating effective combinations from the contents of the inserted cartridges.

Security and Protection

The device includes safeguard features to prevent unauthorized use, prioritizing user privacy & safety and preventing data contamination.

  • LinkedIn Sharon

Sharon Shineberg


15 years of marketing experience with expertise in establishing new and innovative companies & taking them to the launchpad. 100+ startups have made it from the developmental phase to competitive growth under his guidance.

    Alice Sitar

    Customer Success Manager

    Customer Success Manager for mobile B2C startups. Over 15 years of experience guiding customers to successful and happy interactions with mobile apps. 5 years as an Integration Coach helping clients transform their lifestyle using various embodiment tools. Creating mindfulness journeys through the combination of music and meditation.

      Mark Zegal

      Chairman-Board of Directors

      Former CBOE member, co-founder of Brainstorm Cell Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ: BCLI), Pluristem Therapeutics Inc. Today a leading investor in multiple successful companies.

      • Yahav Blaicher

      Yahav Blaicher

      Head of Formulation

      Cannabinoids, terpenes and botanical formulator expert. Yahav is a R&D Specialist, with 15 years of experience in new product development. Highly trained professional with extensive experience in the natural products industry, specializing in cannabis & medicinal- nal plants.

      • Ron Gross LinkedIn

      Ron Gross

      Board Advisor

      15 years in various technical and leadership roles, in the IDF, Google, and others, led the world's first ICO, advising in early-stage startups, and working with top executives at multimillion-dollar companies in the cannabis industry.

      • Raviv LinkedIn

      Raviv Harari

      Strategic business advisor

      Specializing in SaaS and finance companies' guidance, growth, and expansion. With extensive experience in establishing operations from the ground up, he adeptly navigates businesses through efficiency processes and drives investment growth, profitability, and market fit. His expertise encompasses product development, market analysis, and strategic planning. He actively assists in fundraising endeavors, GMT strategies, and organizational alignment. A seasoned investor and strategic consultant, he is the CEO and Founder of Reef T.R.H LTD.

      Lezel is here to help people understand how to improve their overall wellbeing and give them the tools to control what they consume mindfully.

      Consumers who are engaging and utilizing our proprietary AI intelligent systems will have the tools and knowledge to make better choices to consume, feel and be better every day.

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